Does Equifax Have an App ?


Together with Experian and Trans Union, Equifax is one of three national consumer credit reporting companies or credit bureaus in the United States of America. To create credit reports and credit scores used by lenders to assess creditworthiness, these companies compile data on the credit history and payment capacity of people. Checking the credit report from time to time is especially important since data leaks and identity theft have made our planet vulnerable. This raises the clear question: does Equifax offer a mobile app that allows one to check credit scores and credit reports anytime it would be most handy?

The Short Respondacle

Equifax does not now provide a specific Equifax App for mobile devices. Third-party apps, however, enable consumers to obtain Equifax credit reports and scores. Sadly the official Equifax app was closed a few years ago; as of right present, there are no intentions to reopen it or introduce a successor.

Not having its app, however, slightly limits it; Equifax does allow consumers to check their credit reports and scores online and by mail. Apps from other financial firms also use Equifax, which gathers user personal data. Therefore, it is not necessary to underline that there is no official Equifax app to keep an eye on the credit file; one may accomplish this in other ways.

Equifax debuted the Equifax App a few years ago, which lets customers rapidly access their credit records.

Equifax did formerly offer a mobile app called Equifax Mobile App. Still, you seem a touch off on the chronology. This came with the bonus of being compatible with iOS and Android and free to download. The software lets the user view their current credit score as well as the most recent credit report Equifax produced. They contained credit monitoring alerts—that is, updates on the credit score, elements influencing the score, and strategies for raising the score.

Other non-credit related services included the employment and income verification tools for lenders or landlords (Work Number database), contained in the Equifax app. It was a rich source from which customers could readily get their credit report as well as several Equifax products.

Although the Equifax app emphasized certain helpful tools, it received a lower rating and review than usual. People also voiced worries about the instability of the apps and exposed the reality that they either crash, show mistakes, or just do not work as they ought in many circumstances. This could have resulted from its creators hurriedly releasing the program to the market without giving enough time for testing and improvement.

It took time to understand that keeping the badly designed software in place in 2017 on the app stores was ill-advised. Regarding when it could be likely to release another mobile application, the corporation has not shared any details.

Additional ways one can access Equifax credit information include the following:

Although an official Equifax app would offer the most direct access, consumers who wish mobile access to their Equifax credit report and score have options. Although an official Equifax app would offer the most direct access, consumers who wish mobile access to their Equifax credit report and score have options.


Every year, you are entitled to one free credit report from each bureau; check your credit reports online at the legally mandated website, AnnualCredit While mobile browsers may quickly access the responsive website, they also have an iOS app that lets you readily grab your Equifax report on your phone.

2. Apps for Third-Party Credit Monitoring

Consumers can access free Equifax credit scores, reports, and updates using collaborations between Credit Karma and Mint. With the same approach, the scores provided are usually rather close to the actual Equifax score. These apps might be really helpful for conveniently obtaining Equifax credit information on your devices.

3. Online Account via Equifax

utilizing your mobile device, you can check your newest credit report and score anytime by utilizing the Equifax account you created on their website. You can equally freeze your credit and create alerts for any action you think is bad. Regarding drawbacks, I would want to point out the $20 monthly cost and the lack of clear application.

4. Offline Version of Paper Copy

Receiving a printed copy now and then in the mail allows folks who are less in touch with the technological developments to still see what their Equifax credit score is. You could choose quarterly, half-yearly, or annual depending on the frequency of getting reports. However, paper reports can reach the reader two weeks after the event and lack such helpful additions as the update of the scores.

In essence,

Right now, Equifax lacks a mobile app that would let users monitor their essential credit data from the palm of their hand. Equifax seems to have no more motivation to build another embarrassing and problematic app because they had stopped their previous one long ago.

Still, you can get Equifax credit information via mobile devices by the, third-party apps, Equifax website, or by mail—you are not left in the dust here. One or several of these other access points mean rather reasonable phone access at least for the time being, since not as smooth as a direct app.

Thank God; that Equifax does not have an official app, but no, this does not mean you cannot periodically properly check your Equifax credit report using alternative mobile technologies. Although companies always work for appropriate digital and mobile interfaces, maybe Equifax will find the time to make their credit data downloadable straight through safe and reliable mobile apps.