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Payment history: Get a history of all your credit card payments, telling you when they were made and what they were for.

Credit utilization: Credit utilization is a measure of the percentage of credit a company borrows against its outstanding debt. Credit utilization, or current ratio, is typically expressed as a percentage and ranges between 0 (no debt) and over 100% (the company has more debt

Length of credit history: Credit history is the time a person has had one or more bank accounts with a credit card, loan, mortgage, or deposit account. In Canada, credit history can be 10 years of account activity.

Credit mix: A credit mix is the proportion of debt to equity that a company has. It may also refer to an individual's financial situation and how that person manages those assets.

New credit: Find the latest credit card offers and deals online now. Search, compare and apply for credit cards that suit your needs.


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Credit score ranges are typically:

Credit score ranges typically range from 300-850. On average, a credit score in the low 700s has a 75% chance of being accepted.

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considering a good credit score?

Credit scores provide an important insight into a person's fiscal capacity and are used in a variety of circumstances. This page provides tips to increase your score, as well as resources to learn more about credit scores.

When you're considering a loan or credit card, the cost of your interest can quickly make it seem like the amount you owe is much more than what it actually is. Here's how to calculate credit card interest rates and see how long you can spend.

Is buying a house worth your credit score?

Many people believe they need a high credit score to qualify for a loan or get competitive rates on mortgages. But is it worth your credit score to buy a house? This article discusses the pros and cons of buying or renting a home.

Buying a house is a great financial decision, but buying one without good credit can seriously hurt your score. Find out if it's better to buy or rent.

If you are thinking of buying a house, you might be wondering if taking out a mortgage to buy a house is worth your credit score. To find out, read this article to learn more about how important it is to have a low credit score.

Get a good credit score to buy a car

Get a good credit score to buy a car. This is the most important factor when buying a car. Get the best possible credit score to secure your loan, lower your interest rate, and seal the deal.

If you're looking for a car to buy and you have bad credit, it may not be possible. But don't worry, there are still ways to get a car despite having bad credit.

Credit scores are important to buy a car or get a loan. You need to have good credit with scores over 750 to be approved for most loans.

How to get the perfect credit score possible?

Credit scores are the gatekeepers to most major financial transactions. To get a higher score, follow these tips to improve your credit score.

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considered a bad credit score?

The average American has a FICO score of 749, putting them in the top 25% of all Americans. A bad credit score could hinder your future, but understand what makes a good credit score and get it up!

Low credit scores can create a difficult situation for you. Learn how to improve your credit score, and what steps you should take if you have bad credit.

How to get a bad credit score?

If you're trying to get a loan, it's important to know what your credit score is and what it means. This article focuses on how to get a bad credit score, and how you can improve your credit score.

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