How To Remove Inquiries From Your Credit Report Quickly And Easily!


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Looking to avoid credit inquiries? Credit inquiries occur when a lender requests your full credit history from one of the credit reporting agencies. This can affect your credit score negatively and will typically stay on your report for up to two years.

Get the best credit ratings by applying for credit multiple times! Lenders use how many times you have applied for credit to judge whether you should be approved for an extension of credit.

If you have a credit inquiry on your credit report that's been removed by the credit bureau or you dispute it online, you can get your credit report cleaned up by sending a letter to the credit reporting agency.

The Hard Inquiry vs Soft Inquiry Difference

Looking to Improve Your Credit Score? Check your credit history first! A hard inquiry will not affect your score the same way, so it's important to get accurate information.

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If you have ever had a hard inquiry pulled from your credit report without your knowledge or agreement, you may be able to have it removed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This law applies to any inquiry that was not conducted with your consent or knowledge.

How Credit Inquiries Affect Your Credit Score

Looking to boost your credit score? Hard inquiries are a major contributor to your score and can account for 10 percent of it. Get the help you need to get your credit report updated and improve your credit rating today.

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Remove Inquiries from your Credit Report: How We Do It.

Are you concerned about the credit reports being pulled against you? Hard inquiries can be removed from your credit history if they occurred without your approval. Get help removing hard inquiries from your credit report today.

Remove a hard inquiry.

  1. The inquiry occurred without your knowledge.

  2. The inquiry occurred without your approval.

  3. The number of inquiries exceeded what you expected.

Remove credit inquiries from your customers in a simple and efficient way!

If you receive a credit inquiry removal letter, please contact any credit reporting agency that is reporting the inquiry. Credit inquiry removal letters can be sent to both the credit reporting agencies and the lender who issued the credit inquiry.

1. Remove credit inquiries from your account fast with our certified mail service!

Get certified mail so you can be sure that your credit issuer or lender received the proper first notification to remove the hard inquiry. Certified mail gives you proof that the credit issuer or lender received the proper notification.

2. Notify the lender first so you can avoid any potential conflicts.

If you are planning to take the dispute further to court, notify your lender ahead of time so that they can prepare for the potential legal challenges. This will help save you time and money in the long run.

3. Get a report on your credit score today!

Looking to reference your credit report? Include a copy of your credit report with this page. The credit reporting agencies will have easy access to your report, but a hard copy will help investigators when processing your request.

4. Send your credit report to the right credit bureau.

If you have recently applied for a credit card, it is important to send your letter to the credit bureau with a record of the hard inquiry you want to be removed. Below are the addresses for each bureau:

Remove credit inquiries from your life!


Your name

Your street number, street name

City, state, zip code

Your phone number

Social Security Number

Name of credit bureau

Re: Reporting Unauthorized Credit Inquiry

To whom this may concern,

I am writing to request the removal of unauthorized credit inquiries on my credit report. I have had my credit report updated and my inquiry/dispute count has decreased since, but the last time it was checked was (date). Please remove all unauthorized credit inquiries from my credit report as soon as possible.

I dispute the following inquiries and ask for their removal from my credit report.

Item No. Creditor Account

Please remove these/these unauthorized inquiries from my credit report within 30 days, as this is harming my credit score. I would appreciate a copy of my credit report once this issue is resolved.

Stay Clear of Negative Credit Report Entries and Get the best credit score!

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