What is Equifax alert text System?


Equifax is one of the three credit reporting agencies currently operating in the United States that gathers and preserves information about consumers’ credit. Equifax, together with Experian and TransUnion, facilitates the assessment of one’s creditworthiness to access credit facilities such as loans, credit cards, or other credit facilities from lenders and other financial institutions.

Currently, there exists an alert text system in Equifax, which is capable of giving consumers instant notification of any change or suspicious activity regarding the consumer’s Equifax credit report. This blog post will guide the customers on what the Equifax alert text system is, who is eligible for the service, what the service entails, how one is likely to enroll for the service, and different types of alerts that a user is likely to receive in form of text messages.

The Equifax Alert Text System is a service that works as a tool of alert for consumers, which allows Equifax to notify consumers of the developments in their credit reports through text messages.

The Equifax alert text system or the credit report monitoring alerts allows the consumers to receive updates by text messages each time there is a change in the file maintained by Equifax. For example, you may get alert texts about:

• Any newly created credit account or credit line for your benefit
• Overdue transactions or new purchases that modify the balance of your accounts.
• Credit checks made when the lending institutions verify your credit background
• Alteration of the personal data such as the postal address of the clients.
• New record, which previously did not appear, i.e. bankruptcy or tax lien

Consumers can even sign up for text alerts that allow them to receive notifications of every alteration that could affect their credit report or credit score so that they can immediately detect any fraudulent activity and instances of identity theft.

A. Who Can Use Equifax Alert Texts?

Equifax text alerts are offered to individuals as part of the Equifax CompleteTM Premier credit monitoring service. Therefore, any individual who created an account with Equifax to obtain their report online and registered for the monthly subscription plan for a fee can enable the alert text messages.

At the moment, the text alerts are only available to the Subscribers of Equifax in the United States only.

This paper aims to identify the various advantages that Equifax credit alert texts.

There are several useful reasons why consumers should consider activating the Equifax text alerts, including:

1. Detect Fraud Rapidly: The text alerts are near real-time, thus even if identity theft has occurred, the affected people can determine this very quickly before much loss is made.

2. Ease Of Use: Having alert texts is much more comfortable than having to log into your Equifax dashboard for updates multiple times a day by hand.

3. Provides Peace Of Mind: Text notifications enable consumers to feel that they can get there ahead of time in the creation of issues. This can help do away with people’s worry about identity theft.

4. Helps Protect Your Credit: Again, if you get a text that new credit applications or loans have been made under your name, it is wise to act fast by contacting your creditors and reporting that fraud before it gets out of hand and affects your credit profile.

5. Free For Subscribers: The importance of receiving timely alerts is significantly more valuable than the subscription fees to credit monitoring for anyone anxious about fraud.

How to Sign Up for Equifax Alert Texts?

If you want to activate the Equifax text alert system, you need to follow these steps: If you want to activate the Equifax text alert system, you need to follow these steps:

1. Go to Equifax CompleteTM Premier – The only way you can be able to access the text alerts is by subscribing to the Equifax Complete Premier credit report monitoring monthly subscription service.

2. Create Your Equifax Account – Here is the initial control of your Equifax Account once subscribed. It also recommends that you input your mobile phone number in the correct format when inputting SMS text.

3. Text Alerts Option – Within the membership dashboard you will be able to set an option for the monitoring alerts to be sent straight to your phone via text messages. Check this option.

4. Select Text Message Notifications - choose text alerts for every notice or only for new categories new accounts, personal information updates, etc.

5. Verify Alert Texts Work - One may receive a notification from Equifax to confirm the number. When you get it right here you can be assured you will be notified in the future!

What Alerts Will You Receive via Text Messages?

Once the Equifax text notification capability is activated, you could receive alert messages about different types of credit report updates like these examples:

• “John Smith - You have received a credit account that was opened in your name. Kindly dial 800-XXX-XXXX if it is not you.”

• “John Smith – Your Chase credit card with the last 4 digits 5679 has seen a $5,200 2/12/2023 charge added to your account. If not authorized, contact 800-XXX-XXXX.”

Therefore, any update made on your Equifax credit history data as reported by other credit bureaus will prompt an immediate text message to your cell phone number indicating that the said information has been updated and demanding you to review it if the information is genuine.


Being in debt or being concerned about identity theft can cause additional anxiety and disorder in people’s financial worlds. Consumers can now take advantage of Equifax text alert notifications and get all the convenience and automation that comes with a service that enables them to keep an eye on their credit reports whenever they are and without having to worry about fraudulent activity or errors that require attention.

To receive these credit monitoring text alerts from Equifax serves as a useful feature that gives customers the assurance of good credit standing to safeguard their financial accounts every time there are changes. If you have not already, please can you subscribe and give these helpful Equifax SMS notifications a test today!